OAuth Sandbox

A OAuth 1.0 Rev. A. implementation

Welcome to the OAuth Sandbox.

This is a OAuth Service Provider, running according to the 1.0 Rev. A spec. If you need to your Consumer implementation, this is the place for you.

This is in all aspects a real Service Provider, so I do require a signup before you can be issued your Consumer Secret. You must also hold an account (which can be the same) to authorize the Consumers tokens. The authorized tokens are then tied to the account in question.
But I know that you have no interest in creating useless user account and you don't want to gamble on me keeping your password safe. And I don't want to keep you password safe. So instead of a password I have the Kitten-test. You just identify yourself with a unique name and your favorite of 6 Kitten pictures.
I don't even want your email, so you know I wont sell it to spammers.

So what do you want to do?

Enter your username:

Which kitten are guarding access to your account?

Photo Credits (Teaser: They are all Creative Common photos from Flickr)

OAuth Sandbox is made by Morten Fangel (@fangel ). But he did have some design help from Thomas Silkjær (@silkjaer )!
The code can be found on GitHub: http://github.com/fangel/oauth-sandbox